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With today?s increase in outsourcing of manufactured parts, it may become economical to consider Clarke Brothers as a source of final product assembly and or distribution. We have a surprisingly competitive labor resource and a knowledgeable staff to bring about a cost effective way to meet your production requirements especially in a fluctuating environment of seasonal or promotional runs where tooling up for the short term is not a cost effective option.

Clarke Brothers has a proven track record in assembly with several fortune 500 companies comprising a variety of product types. We are noted for maintaining a high level of quality while at the same time responding quickly to ever changing production demands.

“Clarke Brothers’ outstanding and reliable service for warehouseing and co-packing has helped BIC give our customers better service. Their flexibility and short lead-times helped maintain our Supply Chain efficiencies. Thank you again for the excellent service.”

– Christian Keator, Area Manager – Packaging Engineering, BIC USA Inc.

Looking for a quote?

Clarke Brothers has assembled many varieties and types of product categories, however there are some things we need from you and notes to you to determine if we can help in the assembly of your product:

  • For quotation purposes we will need an actual product sample and components or detailed diagram showing specifications of product and how components are assembled with product.
  • Estimated job run and total quantities. Assembly operation must meet minimum run quantities to efficiently run product.
  • Estimated finish dates and or delivery schedules.
  • Specifications of post assembly operations i.e. Bulk packed, retail packed, warehoused & distributed, drop shipped to customer.

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