Designing, creating, and selling a product is hard enough, you shouldn?t have to take on the task of assembly and packaging as well. With Clarke Brothers, you don?t have to. We have over 30 years of experience and we will help your product get to market so you can focus on what you do best.

We are your one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs. From product assembly to packaging to filling orders and creating store displays, you can rest easy knowing that your product is in good hands with Clarke Brothers.

Our proven track record with both local Connecticut companies and Fortune 500 powerhouses assures you that you can entrust your packaging and fulfillment duties to Clarke Brothers. With a focus on high-quality packaging, speedy production times, and low costs, Clarke Brothers is the best choice you can make for your company.

Product Assembly Solutions

Our dedicated, experienced staff and competitive labor resources will help you meet your production requirements with ease. Whether you want to use us long-term, or you have a seasonal or promotional run, we will get the job done in a cost-effective, efficient way.

Contract Packaging Services

It doesn?t matter how great your product is if your packaging falls flat on the shelves. With Clarke Brothers, you can be assured that your packaging will both look amazing and portray the same quality your product does. Our Connecticut facility is equipped and staffed to handle vast quantities and a variety of packaging options.

Display Packaging

When you really want to get your products in front of customers, our promotional displays are the answer. As pioneers of the industry, we can create the store display you need to boost sales and increase profits. From counter displays to wing racks to POP displays, we have the expertise and resources to produce your display on time at a competitive price.

Shrink Wrapping Service

Often overlooked, shrink-wrapping can be a valuable addition to your packaging setup. Use it to bundle your products or hold certain items in place. It can even serve as an extra layer of protection once the initial packaging is completed. With our advanced film types, we can guarantee an ideal fit for your product, no matter how awkward its shape might be.

Blister Packaging

When it comes to blister packaging, nobody has a more efficient process than we do, which also makes our pricing extremely competitive. When you aren?t producing enough supply for high-speed automatic blistering, Clarke Brothers is the way to go. Whatever your product is (with the exception of food or pills), our clamshell and card blistering will offer extraordinary packaging at an unbelievable price.

Pouching Service

Even if you are looking to complete a lower volume run, our pouching process can give your product an edge over the other sleeve and bag options out there. Not only that, but the process is more cost effective because of our advanced machines made specifically for pouching. As long as your product is within 14? in length and 5? in width, and it doesn?t involve food, pouching is an excellent economical option.

Order Fulfillment Services

When small and medium-sized businesses need fulfillment services, Clarke Brothers is the answer. Our vast fulfillment center in Connecticut specializes in storing your inventory, picking and packing the orders, and shipping them directly to the consumers, so all you have to worry about is collecting the money.

“The Clarke Brothers’ outstanding and reliable service for warehouseing and co-packing helps BIC give our customers better service. Their flexibility and short lead-times helps maintain our Supply Chain efficiencies. ” – Christian Keator, Area Manager – Packaging Engineering, BIC USA Inc
Clarke Brothers Fulfillment Center Connecticut